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HostFraser – Email Filters

We are glad to inform our hosting clients of a new handy feature has been added to the Emails section of your Control Panel !


With email filters you can now choose to have email messages moved to a specific mail folder of your choice – based on rules you define server side.

The “Move to folder” option is available in the Action drop-down menu of the email filter form:

Fig 1. ‘Move to folder’ option in Action drop-down menu.

Once you select this option, a drop-down list of the folders created for your mailbox will come up:

Fig 2. Available Email Folders to move to.

Select the folder you want to move filtered messages to then click on the “Add a Filter” button to enable this feature.

E.g. you can create a Spam folder and then set all incoming mail that is flagged as spam by the email filter to be moved to the most relevant destination.

This is a very useful feature which is aimed at helping you to more effectively organize and manage the filtered inbound mail for your mailbox(es).

Plus, It is a server-side functionality which means that once you configure it, you will be able to use it across different mail clients and webmail.

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