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Hosting & Design UK develop bespoke websites and provide graphics design services for small to medium sized businesses, personal to corporate and for one off event driven applications.

Landing Pages are effectively single page websites for promoting a specific product, service or event. Our landing pages have proved to be very successful in garnering the top SEO results in search and also enable a simplified and cost effective entry point to getting a business or promotion online.

Simple Website Solutions are delivered within restricted time and financial constraints. Encompassing dynamic revenue generating or e-commerce sites, content management systems or brochure sites. Website design and developed with HTML/CSS, WordPress or a CMS of choice. Simple Website Solutions have an agreed capped cost, are based on a simple theme format, stock images and a simple text or user supplied logo.

Hosting & Design UKs clients range from one person operations to companies with over 100 employees and cover a variety of industry sectors. We have significant commercial and industrial experience working in or supporting many of the industries and applications that our clients are in. 

International Web Design assignments are welcomed from anywhere in the world. We utilise independent data centers on different continents. Local telephone support numbers are available for hosting clients in the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Bulgaria.

Reach out to us via email, telephone or WhatsApp for pricing information or assistance with hosting, wordpress or technical problems – we’re here to help !

Client Sectors

Real Estate Companies – Florida & New York, USA

Ground Transportation Company – website, management system and bookings – Orlando, USA

Arts Production Organization – Birmingham, UK

Landscape Company – United Kingdom

Healthcare Technology – United Kingdom

Chartered Accountants – London UK

Import / Export Company – London UK

Food Processing and distribution – Kingston, Ja.

Catering & Events – Lagos, Nigeria

Notary Public(s) ( Legal ) – United Kingdom

Solicitors – United Kingdom

Pest Control / Environmental Services – Croydon, UK

Music Studio Mastering – London UK

Recording Artist promotional websites – London UK

Ecommerce ( Fashion ) – London UK

Current Affairs websites – United Kingdom

Limousine Hire Company – Florida, USA

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