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Why Maintain Websites ?

Internet Browsers are no longer standard, stable platforms which can be used as a consistent reference – there are now a wide choice of browser to choose from. Frequent updates, some as often as daily are often as a result of newly discovered security risks. Websites are prone to ‘breaking’ in some browsers whilst remaining operational in others as compatibility updates are rolled out at different times and with differing priorities.

Hardware platforms too are constantly changing – Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phablets, Mobile phone… what works well with your website today might not tomorrow …

Search Engines in the main rank your website not just against relevance but also against  revenue and advertising potential – stale content gets pushed to the back of the queue or listings.

Retention – Users need to see changing content in order to maintain interest – but not be overwhelmed with essays.

Security – the availability , confidentiality and integrity of your data is paramount. For every single valid web visitor there are likely to be dozens of nefarious ones. Some are human actors but the majority are automated ‘bots’ seeking out security ‘holes’ or vulnerabilities to exploit. These risks change daily as can be seen by the frequent updates which have to be applied and tested – responsibly.

Update Frequency (Days)

When to Maintain Websites

For content that changes frequently ie daily or weekly you will need a content management system and also a plan or schedule.

This requires both discipline and time – scarce commodities. Business users should ideally refresh some of their content monthly. Technical updates should be applied in a controlled process to minimise incidents due to unforseen compatibility issues. 

Updated prices, offers, promotions
Changing trends, law etc
Adding or removing static content
Updating contact information
Grammar corrections or improvements
Reviewing keywords, phrases, tags etc for SEO – Optimizing for Search Engines

  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Spam Attacks
  • Security Enhancements
  • SSL Certificate Renewals
  • Feature List

How To Maintain Websites

Web maintenance is a time intensive service for which service levels and costs are determined on an individual basis.

Hosting and Design UK provide fixed fee maintenance to our Hosting And Design clients.

Maintenance updates can also be provided on a one off or ‘ad-hoc’ basis.

Hosting and Design small business clients have the option of a Business Plus hosting tariff which includes four maintenance updates per year.

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