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SSH Access

SSH or Secure Shell is a network protocol for remote administration of your account files.

This section allows you to enable or disable the SSH access to your account and to modify the access password.

When Would You Use SSH?

The Secure Shell (SSH) is used to perform a number of functions, such as file transfer between computers, execution of commands on a remote computer, or logging on to a computer over a network. SSH helps you establish an encrypted connection between an SSH client and an SSH server.

Another common way to use SSH is to import/export your hosting account databases via encrypted connection.

How Do I Connect To SSH?

To use SSH you will first need to have SSH access enabled for your account and also have an SSH client installed on your computer. An easy-to-use SSH client is, for example, the program called PuTTY (

Once you are ready, you will need the following details to establish a secure connection:

  • Host: listed in the SSH Access section
  • Port: 22
  • Login: your hosting account username
  • Password: the password you have set in the SSH Access section.

How Do I Activate SSH?

To enable SSH access for your account, simply press the “Activate” button, located in the box on the right side of the screen. Once SSH access for your account is enabled, you will have to specify the access passwords in the fields below.

If your hosting plan does not come with SSH access included, but still offers optional SSH support, you can purchase the service from the “Add or Upgrade service(s)” section.

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